Director’s Message

This is not a surprising or astonishing fact that any culture and its people are known by its lifestyle and education only. Educated people and barbarous people both can be garrulous but when they open their tongue it tells about their character and personality. A person can be literate but “Educated” means different in much sense. A literate person speaks with a limit of knowledge but educated person speaks with intellect and wisdom. He has no limit and having a real meaning of education. we don’t impart literacy only but we try to make your ward educated which is a real phenomenon. We start with ‘A’s’ are our real aim. “Our aim is your ‘Ambition’ and you dreams; we work for your dreams”. Dreams are those which don’t mean you fall asleep. But it mean which never let you to sleep but awake forever till then your dream doesn’t transform or change into reality”.

The fourth “A” for Academy with A+ standardized education.

With Best Wishes

Pooja Goyal


Indo-American Montessori Pre School