Our Goal

We looks upon education as an investment in our country’s future. Through education alone we raise men and women of substance and character, men and women who will have clear insight into their goals and will create their own place in the fore front in all spheres of human endeavor, we appreciate modern scientific temper, but would not like to give up our traditional Indian culture, or heritage and way to life. In short, we want to imbibe in the child a blend of Indian Culture and modern scientific temper.

We strives that its students should emerge as global leader in their respective realms and at the same time keeps their traditional values alive. The school aims to provide an atmosphere to develop the individual personality of each student and to inculcate in them an awareness of their rich cultural heritage, a sense of right and wrong, a yearning for perfection and a thirst for knowledge. We also seeks to develop in the students an awareness of social responsibility and right moral More over the school take pride in imparting the right values and norms of behavior to students, thus helping to develop their confidence and poise, and to inculcate in them the right attitude for productive work.