IAMPS is a Montessori education based pre-nursery school that has been set up with a drive to change the way early years of a child are dealt with. It is a world-class institution dedicated to improving the early education system, which also means raising kids to become more capable professionals, and human beings with better values.Play School is successful because it satisfies our basic human need to interact with other people and to be valued by them.Play School aims to extend the child’s interest and it encourages participation.

The objective of the program is to train parents to help them foster their child’s development by learning and practising child development through a scientific approach. This program will foster social, aesthetic and motor skills in young children.

Our concept for a play school syllabus including Playgroup, Level I, Level II, Level III is completely based on several aspects of nurturing early childhood education. Depending on the psychology that differs in every student at Indo American Montessori pre school, we conduct age appropriate activity based learning. It majorly involves the following methods that make our approach unique for their student by:

Age group:



2½ – 4 hours per day


  • Story time
  • Sharing habits
  • Play with sand
  • Toy time
  • Sensory Time
  • Story Time
  • Water Play
  • Sand Play
  • Creative Time
  • Library Time
  • Celebration of festivals and special days
  • Field Trips
  • Puppet shows and skits
  • Free Play with Technology Corner
  • Taekwondo, Dance
  • Hand Painting
  • Cycling, Clay Modeling
  • Story Telling, Sandpit